Program crashing when left click waypoint with version 1.4.0

So I have to right click several times on the waypoint for the window with options to appear and allow me to even use the options. After a while of clicking the program crashes completely so I’m not able to use the options or even control any waypoint. I read another post on the forum on how to fix it and I am confused. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it, Thank you


Hello and welcome, Ivan!

First of all, what is your Operating System (Linux, MacOS or Windows) and version?
What Synfig version are you using (1.2.x, 1.3.x, new stable 1.4.0 or another version)?

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I think this is related :wink:

Ivan 8 DEC 2020

Mine started crashing every time now, it wasn’t before… I wonder what happened? It started every time I right click on something. I have the 1.4 version on a Sierra Mac.