Procedural animation and OFX

Hello, there are many awesome things inside Synfig. But since it’ll take a lot of time to dive into, I’d like to ask a couple of questions beforehand, related to features and workflow.

Is there a way to do procedural animation in Synfig? For example, automated fill-in walk-cycles,like the new Creature ( character animation does. You can also achieve something similar with a script in Anime Studio, which in essence is just a repeated keyframes action.

What’s the general idea of the workflow in Synfig? From what I reckon after reading some information, I create scenes, then load them all together, and mix them to make the final animation movie? Maybe there’s a chance to support OpenFX plug-in support for effects etc, at this final stage? Take the also free compositor Natron ( as a paradigm. That would eliminate the need to export to another video editor, for simple edits and enhancements.

That’s for now, thanks for your time.

I think that is possible to do a sif2ntp (Synfig to Natron)
His render is very fast and the very good effects