Problems with svg import!

Hi folks!
I am having a strange bug with Synfig 0.63 - All the files I create in Inkscape are not well imported. The forms are weird and the colors…gone!

The file is attached! I’ve tryed inkscape svg and plane svg.

Same here. :frowning:

It imported almost OK for me - the only problem was that some items were layered incorrectly in Synfig - for instance the eyes were underneath the face. I’m using Fedora 15, Inkscape 0.48.1, Synfig 0.63.0

I’ve tested with 0.62.02 and imports fine apart of the eyes depth position. It seems that something has happened in the latest version.

DaveJ, are you sure that you’re using 0.63.00??

EDIT: I’ve imported using 0.63.00 and Fedora 14 and looks fine. Weird.

Ricardo, what’s your system?


Different libsvg?

Meanwhile we discover what’s happening, here is the imported file.
cabeca_frente.sif (646 KB)

It is possible. How do you import it running WIndows?

Hi guys! Thanks for the replies!!
I am using Linux Mint Debian Edition 64 bit :: Inkscape 0.48 :: Synfig 0.63

But I’ve tested here in a Ubuntu 11.04 and in a Debian one…same error!

I think I’ll need do use the 0.62.2 to finish somethings here; but no problem.

That’s it.