Problems installing in Windows

Hello there

been a bit checking out what people made with synfig…seems nice only that…

DAMN i just dont seem to get that programm to run on my computer
I installed th studio, gtk libsyngo something what and still its not willing to work :cry:
is there something like a point-to-point way to get everything right?

For help installing under windows check out the video walkthrough:

Or come see us on IRC:

We hope to make it easier at some point though.

I’m having a similar prob. I keep getting this message whenever I try to get one of the .exe running:

“The NTVD CPU has encountered an illegal instruction”

Any tips?

Sorry, I’m trying IRC, but I think our times zones aren’t quite the same. :slight_smile:
I’ll try again later on.

lifemagic: any luck after checking out the video?

Nova: I have bad news I’m afraid. I hadn’t heard about this issue, but from Googling it looks like you might either have a virus or a corrupted OS. Check out this thread on another forum.

pixelgeek - No virus, I’m clean. :wink: Must be something else - I’ll have to check.
Thanks for tip. :slight_smile: