Problem with rendering


first of all, I read most of the posts regarding rendering issues…thanks to some answers I managed to render my animation using avi extension. I am not interested in png…

however, when I play the video only a portion of it plays, like a few seconds and that’s it. I tried to change the parameters including time …nothing .

My animation parameters are : frames 70f/s
end time: 1m 21s

Could therte be anything wrong with it?

Thanks in advance

Can we have a look to the source file?

Hi Genete,

Here is one of the files that I failed to render.

texty.sifz (6.44 KB)

Yes, there is a bug when creating the stream of ppm images to pass them to ffmpeg. It stops at 800 frames more or less
That’s not good. :frowning:

What should I do to upload my work to Youtube? Is there any alternative?


You can export to png sequence just leaving the extension to png and the target to auto.
Then you can use many alternatives to create one video: … g_sequence.
Install any video editor and import the image sequence. Remember to set the frames per second to be the same than your animation. Avidemux is a good one to start.

By the way, a frame rate of 70 frames per second is not usual. 24, 25 or 30 is more than enough for all the cases.


i have downloaded avidemux …i uploaded my png images, saved it and got a file that my windows media player could neither play nor recognize…I’m stuck.

Am I missing something? :open_mouth:

Which format did you tell to avidemux to export the media? Maybye you need to install the codec you used on Avidemux or use the proper codec on Avidemux that you already have installed on your system.