Problem with Preview (or me?)

I’m brand new at this, so if the question is dumb please excuse me.

Version 1.2.2; simple animation; diagram of a folk dance; looks OK using Play in the workspace (or stepping through the keyframes); even looks OK when rendered to a .gif. However Preview insists on showing frames that were fixed hours ago (like I said, I’m new). Did I do something wrong with those incorrect frames? Can I get rid of them? Is it a bug in the Preview routine that I should just ignore?

Me again. Actually watching the rendered image more closely shows the same problem as in Preview. HELP!

sorry for this late response.
What exactly do you mean by “incorrect frames”?
If there are frames you don’t want to be there, maybe this is a framerate issue, or maybe some waypoints or keyframes of object weren’t deleted and are causing them to appear in a place for one frame before jumping back.
Anyway, if you could provide a more detailed description of what’s wrong that would be helpful.

It’s like this-- I’m trying to animate a folkdance. Two couples hold hands in the middle and then turn around that center point. The “arms” are each a one-segment spline. Works great at the keyframes, but there’s a problem at some of the intermediate frames created by the program: some of the arms look like pretzels. I have to go in by hand to straighten them. There are no unused or undeleted control points on the keyframes before or after.

A related problem I’ve just seen–on some of those splines in the intermediate frames there are no control points, just a bright yellow bounding box. Nothing I’ve tried reveals those points. Other splines in the same frame are OK and work normally.

I’ve tried to lead a clean honest life. Where have I gone wrong?

Took me a while to come think of a possible reason, but since it sounds like you are doing some 3D rotation, it could be the case that you flip the orientation of your arms at some point which means that some points and tangent have to do quite the jump in one frame to reach the destination making them look like pretzels.

If you go through the attached animation frame by frame, does the error that happens from frame 21 to 23 look similar to the error you are having?

Either way it would be helpful to provide a download link to your animation (preferably the sif file) to take a look at what’s wrong

I think I found my problem: In moving and arranging straight-line segments from one keyframe to the next, I accidentally turned some end-for-end. You’d be amazed at what the rendering engine can do with that!!

BTW, the (Synfig) world really needs a simple non-Bezier straight line segment that can be moved around, rotated, etc.

What do you think about using Ink tool somewhat like in Gimp (click the start point and shift-click to end point)?
It’s not like that currently, but…
Anyway, this is off-topic.

You could propose that to the developers in the development section of this forum.

Also, depending on your needs there is also the polygon tool that by definition only has straight edges.

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