Problem with bone automatic linking

I’m having a problem with the influence region of the bones when I´m trying to rig a character with bone automatic linking. I downloaded a very well rigged character from here: I have tried to follow the tutorial’s instructions, but maybe I am missing some step, so here is the process I follow:

  1. First, I separate the parts of the character as in the image attached (because when I’m trying to rig the character with all the parts in its right place, the influence of a bone mess with vectors linked to other bones).
  1. Then, I put the bones on the parts of the character, and adjust the bone influence area to cover the entire region, as in the image below.
  2. I select all the child layers, and press Ctrl+A (as showed in the image).
  3. Pressing Ctrl, I select the skeleton layer and choose from the menu the “Link to skeleton” option, as in the image below.
  4. And, here is where is the problem. Once I have linked all the layers to the skeleton, some vectors are still highlighted, and these parts of the character are not influenced by the bones; here is an image (in this case, are the head, the left hand, and the feet):
  5. So, when I try to move the character, the results are very messy (the character deforms in a very bizarre way, or some parts of the character aren’t affected by the manipulation of the bones). Here is another image of the problem:

I’m sorry if maybe I am missing some very obvious step, but, can anyone please help with this problem? Maybe someone can tell me how to do a right bone automatic linking or can tell me if I am wrong with all the process and correct me.
Hope someone can help with this issue.

P.S. By the way, I’m sorry for any grammatical mistake, my native language is Spanish (as you can see in the images). Thanks again!

This is one of my problems too.
I have more than 70 incremental backups made while attempting to work round the difficulty.
I see that this was reported some while ago but I would enjoy hearing if there is a better solution to one I have developed.

My current idea is that, apart from v1.2.1 (and v1.3.10) being a little unstable under Windows10 (it’s what I have available to do the work on. don’t judge me) I have to put all shapes to be linked directly under the skeleton in the same group - no sub-folders for the parts - and then to select all layers involved in the layer panel before selecting all nodes and bones needed on the canvas, right-clicking a node of an affected bone and selecting ‘link to skeleton’.

Frankly it is a complete pig to implement when you just put everything into folders and have to take them out again to make things work. Synfig Studio also crashes a lot when you grab a layer, accidentally switch on editing of the name and then try and move the layer. I learned not to do it now ok?

I had an idea that if an area in a group had been moved or realigned using the group’s controls, Synfig Studio might see it as outside of the area of the influence rings, even if it looks like it’s inside them but I haven’t tested this yet. Four days into a two hour project I don’t have the time. It just looked like that could be what was happening from the nodes that stayed highlighted.

If somebody has a better way to handle this or an explanation on how I’m getting something wrong that works most of the time I would love love love to hear it.

I also love Synfig when it gets its act together. Keep going and do your best.