Problem opening and editing files


im new to synfig. I have problems to open and edit svg/sif files.
Vecorized and converted with inkscape.
It takes like 5 minutes to open them. Editing impossible.

File size svg 1,4 mb. sfi 5,3mb
windows xp. intel 3Mghz dualcore. 4 gb RAM. geforce 550ti 1 gb.

Any solutions?

  1. Simplify the drawing on Inkscape or
  2. Simplify the drawing in Synfig
  3. Do you really need such complex drawing? In any case, made directly within Synfig or imported from Inkscape, other animation of such complex drawing than cut out animation would be a nightmare.
  4. If you’re only doing cutout animation please be sure that cutout parts are imported separately.
  5. Finally, you can replace the complex drawing by a png image for each count out part. It would work well with the skeleton deformation animation.

Show the sample svg file would be interesting.

Thanks for your Reply.
I understand.

Thats the svg file.

First, I have to say that I like the artwork. It’s very clean.

I guess what did you do here. You used the “Trace Bitmap” tool of inkscape, using the “border detection” option. It generates a traced path of the darkest border of your bitmap. But it generates too many nodes, and unnecessary subpaths, most of the time. Avoid that as possible.
If you want to still have your artwork in vector format, trace it by hand, and subdivide in layers. A layer for the head, a sub layer for the left eye, other sub layer for the mouth, etc. Then, other layer for the trunk, other for the left arm, etc.

Then, in Inkscape 0.91 there is an extension that prepare the drawing for synfig,… because synfig doesn’t allow subpaths, so it make some … “strange” magic in order to convert all the subpaths in one, which sometimes creates horrible results.

As Genete said, trace your bitmap in Synfig. In my case I don’t use this option very much. Synfig doesn’t have as many options as it have Inkscape to align paths, snap to other paths. But it have the option of linking shapes, improve outlines, etc… anyway… it’s a long story to tell, maybe in another post.But in your case it could work

Import your image as png, or as a set of PNGs, in order to animate with the deform skeleton layer or similar, or using the new cut out tool. The problem I see with this options is that if you want to scale your image, or for example, change one color, it may not look good (pixelated,etc)

Thank you! I will follow your instructions.