Problem linking objet to path

I’m having trouble linking an object to a path in the last dev version of Synfig (Revision: 20140414). I’m in Win 7 64 bits.

In my example is a star, but also happens with other objects (circle, polygon).

I select the star, and the path in the layers menu. Then I select the origin point of the star (the green point). Then i put the cursor in the path, then right click, then click in the option link to spline. All seems fine.

but when I try to move the star to other place in the path, It appears this alert message:

Set Layer Parameter (Star):Origin: 4

And the star doesn’t move.

What is wrong?
error_link_to_path.sifz (1.72 KB)

That’s a bug. In the development version a lot of changes has occurred on the value data area and so, some reverse manipulation (modify a subparameter using the handle of the result value) are broken.
It has to be fixed but at the moment developers are busy with other areas to fix.
Thanks for report it, anyway.

EDIT: see my latest comment on the following bug tracker: … issues/624