Problem linking a Region with a Gradient


I’m trying to link a region with a duck of a gradient, but when I do it the selected(s) duck(s) of the gradient move a to left changing the gradient effect.

What I want to do is link, for next move operations, the lips of the mouth with the its shadow on tooths.

I attach an image before and after…

Note the left shift of the gradient bar and the consecutive effect.

Thanx for help

That’s because the Gradient and the Bline doesn’t share the same Origin. The Paste Canvas where the gradient is, the Paste Canvas where the BLine is or the BLine itself has a different Origin than the rest. That makes that once linked they share the same “value” but the value maybe doesn’t represent the same position on the space due to local transformations of each layer.

Ok, now I know the reason of that,
but I’ve the .sifz attached and I would like move all the upper parts of the mouth together, how can I do this?

Please explain to me like a dummies :confused:

Thanx a lot
MouthMove_07.sifz (53.5 KB)

There are several ways to solve the problem of your composition:
Look to your layer list:
If you want to move together the upper lips and the upper teeth you have two alternatives:

  1. Put them under the same Paste Canvas. The transformations for the common parent Paste Canvas will affect to both
  2. Put them under separated canvases and add the needed things to move the stuff together.

Solution 1):
Recreate this layout:
-Upper mouth
–Upperlip + effects
—Upperlip effects
—Upperlip layers
–UpperTeeth + effects
—UpperTeeth effects
—UpperTeeth layers
-Lower mouth
–Lowerlip + effects
—Lowerlip effects
—Lowerlip layers
–LowerTeeth + effects
—LowerTeeth effects
—LowerTeeth layers

Solution 2) It depends on how do you want to move stuff.
2.a) If you want just translate, rotate and scale the stuff then place those transformation layers above the stuff to transform. You need to link the layers of the same type when they are acting on lips and teeth since they are on different canvases, so when you modify one translation layer the other modifies too.
2.b) If you want to deform stuff you don’t need to add any other layer, just modify the layer’s blines. To do that on scatered layers you can make use of the Groups. Seelct all the layers you might want to morph together and right click and Add to Group. Double clicking the group will select the scattered layers at once.

Additional note:
-Gradient effects are placed on a particular mouth (lips and teeth) position. If you animate the mouth and don’t touch the gradients the effect can be broken. To solve that you have to or manually animate the gradients at the same time than the mouth or link the gradient to some particular ducks of the mouth’s vertices.

I hope this helps.


I’m trying the switching scenes tutorial, but I’m lsot in

When I search de i find a untitled, where I wrong!

I’m getting crazy, pls explain to me how import, export and specially how to put scene1,…2…3 in canvas in params and children…

Is very difficult for me understand the paste canvas layers instruction with :# and so on…

I’m a bit confused :confused: .



It seems that when you edit the canvas parameter it offers you a set of available canvases. I don’t know why, it shows sometimes the exported canvas name and other the description of the canvas which by default is “Untitled”. Save the file, close and open it again and see if it shows the exported canvases names properly.

One comment, it would be good to open a new thread when the matter of the post doesn’t match the thread title like this case.


I tried to close and reopen the file but nothing’s change.

Reading the

I can’t find the Export command in params dialog so I select each layer and after selecting the green dot in canvas window I right click to export.
(maybe the tutorial is old)

In attach the images of params and child.

As you can see in params I teorically could select

but when i try no enter is accepted, nor the data is inserted clicking out of the dropdown box. The Value return to Untitled.

About this, I posted here because the situation/problem of the Paste Canvas/Switching Scenes born from the new layout that you suggest and
If you think that is better move this branch away, move it and let me know where is. :slight_smile:


Switching Scenes_.sifz (509 Bytes)