Problem attaching image layers to a skeleton (bone with child bones)


I have a problem attaching image layers to a skeleton whose first bone has child bones.

A very simple example for that: let’s say I have a skeleton with three bones for the upper body, left and right leg. Both leg bones are connected as children to the upper body bone. Now, attaching image layers to the upper body and one of the legs works flawlessly, but Synfig won’t let me attach an image layer to the second leg. What am I doing wrong here?

I can provide a sample file if needed.

I’m using Synfig Studio 1.0.2 an ArchLinux.



did you already found those pages ?

I attached a sif that contains three rigged arms. The left one is an arm that contains three vector parts (upperarm, lowerarm and hand) and is controlled by a normal skeleton. You can find the tutorial here: The middle arm is the same arm containing the same three parts, but this time the arm is a pixel file instead of a vector, but still controlled by a normal skeleton, without any deformation. (In the example the joints of the middle arm are a bit out of place, but that is because I did not use the crosshairs as a reference due to lack of time) To attach a bone to a pixel part of the arm make sure that you select the (pixel) part and then do a ctrl-a to select everything of that specific part. Then contol-click any of the three bones and then right-click the bone that you want to link and select link to bone. The third arm is also a pixel arm, but it is an entire complete arm that only contains one part without any joints and is controlled by skeleton deformation which gives smoother bending if used correctly. Hope this helps.
Rigarm.sifz (11.5 KB)