Problem accessing tutorials on Wiki

I have been unsuccessful in using the Wiki. Most pages show many errors on it, to the point that it is unreadable. I have tried several browsers, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Maxthon. All with the same sorts of errors. I also tried downloading the documentation that was offered as a PDF. It displays fine, but it doesn’t not have the tutorials that the wiki has. Here is one of the tutorials that I was trying to access;

It shows up on my browser like in the attached image Wiki Clip1.png
Wiki clip 1.PNG
Here is another clip from the main page of the user documentation; Wiki Clip 2.png
Wiki clip 2.PNG

Since this has been a problem for a while, I assume it will not be resolved any time soon. But, since the PDF I downloaded was rendered properly, I wonder if there is any way to get PDFs from other parts of the Wiki. I saw a passing mention of saving a Wiki page as a PDF on another thread, but I cannot find a link for that. But, of course, if it is to be found on the Wiki page, that won’t work, because I cannot view the pages properly.

Any ideas what to do?


There is a server problem at our host provider (tuxfamily). Once they fix the server we could fix the wiki.

Thank you for the link, and I see that they say everything should be working. Much more of the page displyys properly. However, I still get a lot of errors on pages. Note that this has been the case for at least a few weeks. Here is a screen grab from one of the pages viewed from Internet Explorer,

The above problem is only at the top of the page. I cannot clip more of the image and upload it because of limitations on this forum. But, the bottom seems to show up fine. However, I don’t know how much I am missing. This should be a tutorial page, but it really doesn’t read like a tutorial, so that makes me suspect that I am still missing a lot of the page.

Does everyone get the same problem viewing pages, or is it just me? I searched the Wiki for PDF Export, to see if there might be an article in regards to creating a PDF of a page, but I could not find any mention of it. Do you know if that is the case?

Even if I can solve the problem I have viewing the Wiki, I would still prefer to have the PDF of the full Wiki. That would enable me to have the documentation in case there is another problem with the Synfig Wiki server.


I’d like to start using Synfig. But cannot until the documetation is fixed. thanks.

The page looks fine for me now. Please try to clean your browser cache.

It is displaying without errors for me now as well. I didn’t even need to clear my cache. However, I will also mention that this page is not a tutorial, though it is linked from the tutorials section. It is just normal documentation content. [ ]