Is there a way to scale the preview directly to a 1:1 ratio? It looks odd if it isn’t and pixels are doubled or left out. So i try to resize the window to fit it for 1:1, but it isn’t easy.

The preview dialog has a button to redefine the preview settings (“Re-preview” is the tooltip and the button shows a blue piramid with a yellow arrow and a red sphere) where you can tell the size of the preview. Ususally it is set to 0.5 (50%) and the frame rate to one half of the current fps of the document. You can make it 100% and full fps if you want. Resize the window doesn’t help.

I meant: Is it possible to display the image in right size, that a 400x400 image is displayed at 400x400, and not scaled up or downscaled? It isn’t the rendering size (1.0 original, 0.5 half, …) that is bothering me. But the display of the result looks ugly if the preview window has not the same size as the image that is scaled while displaying. Most likely it should not scale with the window size.

Got it. Yes good idea. Please, can you add it to the feature request tracker? Although the forum is a good place for feature discussion, I prefer to have them recorded in a single place for the time we have time to apply it. … tid=757419 << Features tracker.