Press Releases

Based on the current draft for a press release for Synfig 0.62.01
I thought it was okay, the story it told was okay for me.
Thank you all for the work of putting this together!

On the other hand I had the feeling that this reads like an information for current Synfig users.
Someone who doesn’t know about Synfig at all would have some problems with it.

I thought about what needs to be different for having a PR for everyone.
So I did some research…

I’ve put together a doc as a base for the discussion. It is an excerpt from many places.
They all tell us more or less the same, so I guess this is, at least, a good starting point…

I translated those hints and tips into a rule set for Synfig and added Synfig samples.

Please have a look here and tell me what you think.

It looks very good!

I’m working on a Synfig flyer and this is very useful for that too.

Only thing missing I can think of, and only because I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find it is:
“Add the Synfig logo.” - Provide a link to the logo. I had to ask in the IRC to find it.

Very good recommendations. I agree almost on every line in “General Rules”.

But I’m not agree everywhere with the rest of recommendations.

This is what the About page is fo (on the website).

It’s in the headline of each website’s page.

Still in our case it’s better to point ot IRC or forum.

On the other hand, I guess all those recommendations are given for general case. If we will treat synfig website like one big PR paper, then all they will be invaluable. :slight_smile:

The current Release Notes page already looks very well, I like screenshots and illustrations.
But I have to propose some ways to improve it.

Improvements for Release Notes:

  1. No "not"s!
new version does not feature as many...

No excuses, no apologies! “This version contains improvements and bugfixes.” That’s it. It’snot about what it’s “does not”, it’s about what it “does”.

  1. put first things first
    Dual Splash Screen should go to bottom. It’s not even a feature improvement. Tell what’s important: transform tool, svg, windows stability, ffmpeg. I would add motion blur.

  2. More screenshots
    “New icons for actions and layers” - don’t put icons themselves, show screenshot with them, show how good they look now in synfig interface! :slight_smile:

  3. tell one story only
    I suggest to drop “Updated Documentation”. That’s a different news.

I’m very sorry, I haven’t managed to made edits by myself today, have to do them tomorrow. ^_^’’ The release notes already looks good, please don’t take my critique close to the heart! Thanks everyone for your efforts!

@zelgadis & rylleman:

Good point. I would have copied it from the website… :wink:, but having it officially is much better.

@ Zelgadis:
for the first set of critics:
keep in mind that a PR will be sent out to press, that means they will get emails with the content described.
So that is not for users, but for the journalists. They are very busy, so telling them to read teh background at the website, to copy the logo from there and if they have questions, please register at the forum and ask questions there would NOT work.

We can and will use most of the text of the PR for showing it on the website, and there of course all your comments are absolutely okay.

As for the proposed improvements:
1-4: absolutely agree.

I meant the sif-version, that one isn’t as easy to find. But you’re right, the png one is sufficient for press-releases and such.

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood the purpose of the “Writing Press Release” document. I thought it was about “Release Notes” only. ^_^’’

Then I’m going to concentrate on polishing and leave writing press release for someone else, OK?

OK, I have reworked a bit:


  • Most of the text is still untouched. Rewrite.
  • Bigger windows packages icon
  • Add missing screenshots for interface changes
  • Screenshot for motion blur

Once the page is finished, a link to it should be added to the Release article in the joomla site because all the spreading out I’m doing is linking to that article. I suggest to replace the “look the NEWS files in the source code” with a “take a look to the full release notes in the wiki”.
Is that fine?
Good work Zelgadis.

genete: I think we can just copy-paste html from wiki to joomla page. ~_^

OK, I have done with Release Notes page. -

I like it. thanks Zelgadis.

Would nevertheless add a note on improved documentation, along with the free and diligent support.

I would like to have separate news post about new documentation. “Tell one story only”. ~_^

Absolutely. Agree. We should work on PRs from time to time not just for new releases! Keeps the ball rolling… (the people staying or getting interested).