Pre-made items - GoAnimate

You all seem to be really artistic - so please don’t be offended.
Is there a resource of pre-made parts and people like GoAnimate - which does all I need, except for the cost.
I want to make simple animations, based on a conversation that I shall make and upload to YouTube.
Sorry if this is covered, but a few searches didn’t reveal anything, or got junked because terms were too common (such as open source)
Thanks, :wink:

To make animations quickly you can use artwork from sites with open art material. For example, you can go to and import some of the pre-made SVG files or even png images and do an animation using the cut out technique.
Remember that SVG import is limited. It is better to open the file previously in Inkscape and save it as plain SVG.
Good luck

In fact, yes, we need such resource. I want to setup one someday, but it is a long term goal requiring some work.