Possible to achieve something like this with Syfig?

I came across this video while researching breakdowns of football plays and was wondering if it would be possible to create something similar with Synfig:


Just to be clear, I don’t need any of the fancy camera angles or zoom-ins. A simple overhead shot of the field would be sufficient. I’ve downloaded and tried multiple free programs but they all seem overly complex to achieve the results I’m looking for. Ironically, the way I was finally able to achieve something similar was by using Powerpoint’s animation feature. The drawback is that the video I’m able to create is pretty rough, so I’d still like to find something that will give me a more polished result.

Again, given that all I want to do is move around some helmets on a background, I find it hard to believe that Powerpoint is the best free program out there to accomplish it. I followed the “red ball” tutorial for Synfig and it seems like a good candidate but I just wanted to see what experienced users had to say first before I invest any more time into learning Synfig (the learning curve is much bigger than Powerpoint).

Thanks in advance!

I’d say yes, but Synfig doesn’t natively support audio, so you’ll need a separate video editor to lay down a track.

Thanks for the quick reply!

And adding audio later is easily manageable. Do you have any recommendations on how I would go about creating the animation? Or maybe some tutorials that would help me lead in the right direction?

The best place to start is the manual(which is where I started):

Here’s a short youtube video on working with images:

For anything else just search the forum, check out the documentation, or ask questions.

Welcome here Bearhanded,

And then when you have finish to read the “Getting started” pages, you can go to follow spline tutorial :
(that documentation page that could have more revelant screenshot … )


Pretty useful and full of information pages.