Possible crash for Advanced BLine

I believe this is repeatable:

i) open a Synfig Studio file with an Advanced Outline Bline

ii) go into animation mode

iii) change some values for an Advanced BLine in the Params panel (I’ve found Tip Type at Start/End will always cause a crash)

iv) Close the Canvas window using the X icon at the top right corner of the window title bar

v) Click “No” in response to “Would you like to save your changes…”

This only seems to happen when you do not leave animation mode before you click on close.

Synfig Studio 0.63.03 (stable - RPM binary downloaded from synfig.org/cms/en/download/stable)
Fedora 16

Let me know if there is any more information I can provide.
synfig-crash.txt (1.31 KB)

I think it is not related to advanced outlines. I’ve been after this bug since long time. When run Synfigstudio under a debugger and the crash is wrapped, the crash doesn’t happen on a part of the Synfig code but on something og the gtk (gtkmm) code.

code: glibmm-WARNING **: Glib::wrap_create_new_wrapper: Attempted to create a 2nd C++ wrapper for a C instance whose C++ wrapper has been deleted.

(synfigstudio:2690): glibmm-WARNING **: Failed to wrap object of type ‘gtkmm__GtkTreeView’. Hint: this error is commonly caused by failing to call a library init() function.

Try to reproduce the problem with one normal Outline and you’ll see that it happens too.

Also on the recipe add this point:

iii.2) click on canvas to deselect all the layers.

And tell me if the crash is reproducible. I think the crash dissapear when there is not layer selected (and so the treeview is empty)

Yes, it does.

The crash does not happen if you do this.

There is much easier way to trigger the same crash.

  1. Select any layer with many parameters - ensure that they are not fit into Prams panel.
  2. Scroll Params panel content to the bottom.
  3. Close the Canvas window using the X icon at the top right corner of the window title bar
  4. Click “No” in response to “Would you like to save your changes…”
    —> Crash.

Tested on Fedora 17.

Same thing can be triggered with Keyframes panel (if you have many keyframes).
Though, for keyframes panel I have made a workaround in Morevna branch - just cleared the Keyframe tree when instance is closed. Any over ideas how to fix the bug?
The strange thing is that for layers panel this doesn’t happen…

Yay! I have found much easier way to fix that! Just hide the tree view when instance closed. ^____^

That’s fantastic news - until I worked out why it was happening this bug really annoyed me! 8)

Hi, DaveJ! We have published packages fixing this issue - morevnaproject.org/2012/07/01/we … ogress-10/
It should be better now.

Many, many thanks for all your hard work - I don’t know how you find the time to fix Synfig Studio at the same time as creating the Morevna animation and do Baron Munchausen, blog, update your G+ and the thousand other things you do! You and Genete never seem to sleep!

Your new disabling keyframes feature is incredibly useful, as it means that in future I won’t have to create as many exported canvases. When I had created a lot of keyframes I often found myself creating exported canvases so the existing keyframes wouldn’t complicate new things I wanted to add to my animation.

Thank you, DaveJ!
Looks like our previous packages were a little buggy.
Please get updated ones: morevnaproject.org/packages/