Portable version of Synfig for Windows


I’m a winPenPack.com developer.
winPenPack (sourceforge.net/projects/winpenpack) is a free and open source project aimed to spread the use of portable software.

I’d like to signal you that we have developed a portable version of Synfig (called X-Synfig) without any kind of modifications or reverse engineering made on program files and in compliance with original installation status. Our policy is to apply our technology only to open source programs, due to the freedom given by that kind of license.

I hope the Synfig Portable package does not represent for you any kind of violation of program’s license (I have noticed that Synfig is released under GPL) and, in this case, I’m glad to post the link to X-Synfig Portable in winPenPack.com Format: winpenpack.com/main/download.php?view.1275 (just download the .zip archive, uncompress and double-click on X-Synfig.exe).

Obviously, any suggestion or feedback will be welcome! :slight_smile:

At this moment I don’t have a windows machine at hand to test the portable version you have created of the installed version of Synfig Studio.
During normal windows installation you explicitly accept the GPL license to continue the installation… I wonder if that explicit GPL agreement still in your portable version.


Hi Genete,

in portable .zip packages the approval process of license agreement is not possible.
But in Synfig’s about box is stated very clearly that the program is released under GPL.

Besides this, in the ReadMe\release.txt file is shown:

X-Synfig 0.62.00 [rev 1]
Original software Home: synfig.org/
Original software license: GNU General Public License

I’m not worried about the binaries. Just wonder about the source files of the examples. I think that we should add the GPL license in each file inside the Description parameter. I’m not sure if it is like that by now.

I understand your concern.
However, I noticed that the Windows installer doesn’t contain a “COPYING” license file. Perhaps it would be sufficient to include it in “examples” folder. And it is better to add it also to the portable distribution.COPYING.zip (6.77 KB)

The windows installer does actually display the GPL licence text with a click to accept button as part of the install process.

Yes, I have noticed, obviously.
But, normally the Windows installers of open source software contain also a COPYING file, a file CHANGELOG, a file AUTHORS (etc…), besides the program files.

I installed Synfig with the normal (not portable) windows installer on my USB stick and it works without problems :laughing: . But still this project is very useful :smiley: .

Ha. I haven’t tried that recently, but now I think about it, now that we’re redistributing all the GTK dependencies in the same folder as the synfig binaries, it should be a lot more portable.