Portable builds

Hi guys

Lately I have decided to switch to using portable (eg, non-install) software in order to keep my computer fast/clean and make it easier to work across different PCs. Luckily I’ve found that most of the FLOSS software I use has a portable version, or at least an alternative that does. When it comes to animation work, particularly in terms of After Effects type animating, I’ve found that Synfig is really the only one that can do what I need.

So, I was wondering whether it is possible to make a portable version available. Looking online, the only portable package I could find was one from 2012 (X-Synfig), version 0.63.05. I’m sure many people would appreciate it, and keep up the great work!

Hello! Any latest installation of Synfig is portable. You can install it, then move to flashdrive and run from there (even on different PC). No additional actions required.

Ah, that’s good to know. Thanks! :smiley: