Плохое качество картинки в формате png

Здравствуйте! У меня возникла такая проблема, при экспорте картинки в программе Inkscape ухудшается качество картинки, менял настройки dpi но это мало помогает. Картинка была импортирована в формате ai (Adobe illustrator), вопрос в каких программах вы работаете для того чтобы сохранять качество изображения? Насколько я понимаю Sinfyg не работает с форматом svg

В Inkscape есть возможность экспорта в формат файла «.sif».

Просто перейдите в «Файл» → «Сохранить как» → Выберите «.sif» (анимация Synfig) из раскрывающегося списка.

Это сохранит ваше произведение Inkscape в файле «.sif», который является векторным форматом.

(Above text is translated with Google Translate)

Thanks for the answer! An error occurs when trying to save a file in .sif format
Скриншот ошибки

Error text: Inkscape received additional data from the executed script. The script did not return an error, but this may also mean that the results will not be what you expected
(Above text is translated with Google Translate)

What is your Inkscape version ?

I am using version 1.2 and don’t get any error.

I have checked that version 1.2 comes with lxml library installed with it.

If you are using latest version of Inkscape and still get this error then follow the below steps:

  1. At the installation directory for Inkscape, there will be bin folder
    (on windows it will be like “C:\Program Files\Inkscape\bin”)
  2. Open this folder path in Command Line
    (open command line then run cd "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\bin")
  3. Enable pip by following command: python.exe -m ensurepip --default-pip
  4. Then run: python.exe -m pip freeze, whatever output you get copy and paste it here so that I can analyze it
  5. Then run python.exe -m pip install lxml, this will install the missing package and you will be able to Save your file as ‘.sif’ file.

Version inskape 1.3
I solved the problem with saving files in the .sif format, the problem was that the program was not installed in the Windows system folder.

Synfig stable version 1.4.4 does not display .sif files
ошибка в программе Synfig
Warning text
You are trying to open a file created with an outdated version of Synfig.
A file saved in the current version of the program may not open correctly in previous versions of Sinfyg

File saved in inkscape version 1.3
Try to download a test version of Synfing?

You will get that warning everytime, but remember it’s just a warning and won’t cause any serious issue.

What you are trying to do is import the “.sif” file, don’t import the “.sif” file. Just open the ‘.sif’ file in Synfig.

Also before saving the file as “.sif”, make sure to adjust your Inkscape canvas to fit the content appropriately.

Importing also working, it is indeed showing the file, just they are out of canvas area, in the image above I can see a small part of rectangular outline in the top left corner of Workarea, so the artwork is imported properly but since it is outside the canvas area, you can’t see it. (You can drag the green dot to move the group, or move the purple dot for Offset value (it is similar to anchor point in AE)

Thanks for the help! Import works fine, I saw that the image was not in the workspace. I will test some more functions for working with files and write whether this problem is solved or not. Can you please also tell me how to select the correct image sizes in Inskape so that it looks good in Synfing when importing?

You are free to chose any size and resolution you need, if you import a file it is mostly that it will end up in outside of your canvas area.

What I recommend is:

Select your artwork (everything) in Inkscape
And then press “Shift + Ctrl + R”, which will resize the canvas to fit your selection.

And if you open the file after that, then you can will see the Canvas is appropriately holding all it’s content.

Thank you for your help! There are no problems with importing files yet. And I also wanted to write, I liked your animation work in your profile :slight_smile:

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