png images in canvas become invisible

I have some rectangles drawn with Synfig and some imported png images. I group those things together then I export that group as a canvas. In doing so, the png images all disappear, but the objects created with Synfig are still visible. I can see the png images are still listed as part of the group I created, but they are now invisible. Can I not put png images in a canvas?

I’m using version 0.64.3

I deleted the png’s and reimported them again in the open window of the exported canvas. That worked for me.

Thanks. I’ve just now started playing with Synfig 1.0rc3. I can export a canvas and the images no longer become invisible so I’ll probably just stick with Synfig1.0 now, although I have a new problem. Saving an exported canvas to disk but I’ll start a new thread for that.