Please help me!

Synfig for beginners: 62 - Write On Text - YouTube Hello, why doesn’t the line stick to the cursor, but it does to me? How do I remove this horrible and annoying option (the line sticking to the cursor)?

please help me, I just have to create a writing with the write on effect and a light effect

Anyone can help me? :smiley:

  1. What is your Synfig version?
  2. What line sticks to the mouse cursor?! Could you upload a screenshot or a screencast?

verions SynfigStudio-1.4.2-2021.07.29-win64-dc54d

The line is the one that follows the mouse (which in the YouTube video does not do so).

To finish your drawing, you may:

  1. Double-click on last vertex; or
  2. Press Enter after you place your last vertex; or
  3. Click on the gear (Run) button on the Tool Options panel.

How @Khemardi made the next-line-segment disappear while drawing I don’t know.

I’m more interested in how you made the segment disappear(which is just annoying)