Please help build on Ubuntu 11.10

Try to build unstable branch, using libtool 2.4(is it right?)
after ./configure it`s give:

config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: error: cannot find input file: `po/’ :open_mouth:

What i`m doing wrong? :mrgreen:

Hi zurba11,
I’ve recently have built Synfig on Ubuntu 11.10 on a virtual machine. I followed this forum post and it still working without too much trouble.
Please follow the recipe on the post, step by step and report here if you have any other trouble.

Hello Genete, i still had some problems with, on “Studio” it`s crash with “internal compiler error”, but you push me on right way so i had build it by hand without any problems. Thanks for support :smiley:

But finally did it work?

Yes it is. I don`t work with it yet, but i had start Synfig and render in AVI simple scene that i made before, and seems it work perfectly.