Please help build on Mac OSX at newbie level.

Hi everyone
I’ve followed links and read forums, but it’s all meaningless to me I’m afraid. I looked at homebrew via the links and it’s just many lines of codes. I found both homebrew and synfig in ‘packages’, but what next - or even first? Do I install each separately? I tried installing homebrew first and waited for the command prompt (extrapolating from Secondplanet’s post in the forum) to type in the code, but there wasn’t one. Do I open Terminal myself and type it in? If so, when exactly do you do that? Basically, when do you do what?
NB: I have Xcode and F11 installed.
Please help: it’s hair-tearing time. Anyone who can, and is willing, to provide more-detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not Mac user but try this:
Go here:
And download the sources form the download button
Then run the installer for homebrew and then the installer for synfigstydio and that’s all, I think

Hi Genete
That’s very kind of you - it looks a lot simpler than the other sources I’ve found (mainly from secondplanet) which have lots of blocks of code to input, with each block having a different ‘purpose’ (all a bit overwhelming!). I’ll try it. Trying to install synfig has led to me ruing not having MS for the first - and hopefully only - time!
Thanks again and wish me luck.

Hey there. I hate to be “that guy,” and revive an old thread, but it is so relevant to me. I’ve been trying to install Synfig on my Mac OSX for quite some time now, on and off again over the past year, and I’ve never been able to get it to work. I’m probably even more ignorant of code than the original poster here.
I’ve downloaded all the stuff from
Now…what do I do with it?

Thanks in advance.

I think that you need to install homebrew first then using homebrew install synfigstudio.
Please refer to this thread better:

I looked at that earlier, and it doesn’t really say how to install it. It’s just a lot of code. I’m sorry to be such a bother :frowning:
Perhaps this can be constructive. Dealing with the likes of me may end up with your site having a definitive set of instructions for ignorant mac people like me haha

I’m sorry but I’m not mac user and so I can’t help on give you step by step explanation on how to proceed. Please wait until secondplanet or other mac user come back to help.

Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

You can try also macports.
Please, read this :

Yes I followed it and got a mac version of synfig studio easily.

My apologies, as I feel so silly for asking these stupid questions, but what is macport? I looked for it in my applications and I don’t see it. I don’t know what to do with all that code, as well.

Don’t say that, you are not stupid. Nobody borns knowing everything.
Read this:
If I remember, you must install xcode tools from Apple site. You must register (it’s free) as a developer, then you can download the last version. After that, you can install X11 and macports.
At this point, open the Terminal and write: sudo port install synfigstudio

I hope it helps you. :slight_smile:

Hi I have synfig up and running using fink. Fink is similar to macports, they are both programs that help you install linux software on your mac. So if macports doesn’t work well then you can try fink. PLease note that the fink version is one version behind, hopefully it will be corrected soon.
I’m using os x 10.6.8, the downloadable app version of synfig seems to be for later versions of os x.