Please accept Korean language for synfig UI


I would like to introduce Synfig to many Korean students and people by translating Synfig into Korean.
I have already translated MIT’s Appinventor, Germany’s Cospaces, etc. into Korean.

I ‘request language’ Korean at Synfig UI localization.
But you haven’t accepted the Korean language yet.

Please accept the Korean language so I can translate Synfig into Korean.

Thank you!

Hi! “Korean (Korea)” (ko_KR) is added now. Thank you for your contributions!

I wonder, if we need a separate “Korean” language too?

I thank you for your quick work!
I think it is sufficient for South Korea to use only ko_KR.

I finished translating every word in synfig-studio in a few days.
I would appreciate it if you could apply my translation to the software.
so that i can review the translation on the program.

Thank you very much!


I have been working on a Korean translation for several days.
And I finally translated all the words into Korean.

I hope you add Korean to the language setting menu in the next version update.
Thank you.Screenshot_15

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This is awesome, thank you very much!
The Korean translation will be shipped in next version 1.4.2. :slight_smile: