Planned steps

Although I will get wrapped by my own words when the time arrives, I’ll tell you my “plans” for the next months:

  1. Already included the latest fixes from nikitakit to the guides system and some core changes. Rolled back a patch from jcome since it graves an existing problem of layer dragging. He is working on a fix for it. See this: viewtopic.php?p=11387#p11387
  2. To get used to code again after some weeks occupied with personal stuff, I’m not working on the bug list. I’ve killed three of them and will do a review of all the list. At last I’ll give a try to some of them but won’t spend all the summer on this.
  3. Next thing is to continue working on the second stage of the Advanced Outline. It should include Draw Tool support, width point position considering the bline length and a new surprise…
  4. Release 0.63.01 at the end of summer or start of fall.

If someone is planning to include some fixes, features, translations, etc. it is the time to double efforts to make it appear in the next release!!!


what I would like would be a mirror layer, which also make mirror the animation … :blush:

I guess it is a pressure sensitive fnctionality :slight_smile:

Read here :wink:

Pressure sensitivity is included in Draw Tool support, it is something else :wink:

Oh well, as you may know, width points are placed based on bline’s index. The index of a bline is a number that goes from 0 to 1 and passes equally spaced by all the blinepoints. So knowing the index value you can know exactly in which bezier you’re placed just knowing the number of blinepoints and with independence of the bline length.
One of the ideas is to allow the user select if the width point position is given by the index based on the length of the bline instead of the number of bline points. That would allow to animate the widthpoint position with constant velocity along the bline. This new feature would be included into the Link to BLine feature too because it affects it.

If I am able to achieve that new thing we can have easily a new type of layer or a new option for the current Advanced Outline Layer: Dashed outlines. What do you think?


What I understood of that sounds…excellent. Looking forward to it!

mad0 - you can use the Warp layer to achieve this. Just move Dest TR to source TL, and Dest BL to SourceBR and square up the other two corners.


XD Yeah, but it would be awesome to have a Mirror Horizontal / Vertical checkbox in it to make things easier, similar to the “Invert/Reverse” checkbox in other Layers.

As for the new upcoming feature, can’t wait! :smiley: