Pending patches at

There are pending some patches not applied or not considered at
I think it would be interesting to port them to and discuss/approve/close there.
The problem is that two of them are from an anonymous user. Maybe we can close them at SF and re post at the review board.
What do you think?

We’re actually dealing with three proposed “changes”:

  • 2517389 - Frame navigation buttons
  • Color editor changes:
    [list][*]2603267 - Patch: Cleanup on improved color edit widget
  • 2602813 - Patch: Cleanup on improved color edit widget
  • 2602805- Patch: Improve UI on color edit widget
    ]2602803 - Patch: Improve UI on crash recovery dialog.[/*:m][/list:u]

While I agree we need to do something with them, I think moving them directly to the patch review site might be premature, since there was some discussion about the way forward with the first two. (I never really looked at the third).

When looking at these patches, there are at least two things we need to consider

  • Do we think the changes/features are an improvement?
  • Do we like the way the changes/features are implemented?

And as a bigger problem: What do we do with bigger changes when there is no one willing and/or able to carry them through? (Relevant since both the color and navigation change are (can be) part of a larger change).


I think your patch is an improvement. The other two maybe too but I cannot patch them since there are conflicts because other changes has affected to the modified files (and as you mention below nobody is carrying it to fix the conflicts).

Regarding to frame navigation buttons you already know my opinion in the patch tracker. But my opinion is not definitive or unique. I would like to hear others too.

So yes, better to finish them in SF.