pen tablet problems

I’ve got a Wacom Bamboo tablet, MTE 450/K on windows 7.
Synfig gets the tablet mapping wrong, the pen is only tracked on 1/4 of the screen.
I’ld be really happy for any tips on how to resolve this.

Check the Wacom tablet setup and see if there are any options there that might affect it. There’s also an option in Synfig - ‘Input devices’ - see if Mode Screen instead of Window makes a difference.


I’ve tried all settings on the tablet, nothing seems to change the behaviour… I’ve tried to do what you described in another thread about switching between window and screen… I’ve also tried to rename the settingsfile… no luck.
this was on my macbook, running windows in bootcamp… I’ve also tried synfig on my desktop pc there I get a completely different error… everytime i restart Synfig the settings are lost and i have to redo the “input - devices” procedure to get it to recognise the pen tablet.
these are all windows 7 64bit, by the way.

I haven’t been able to try the tablet under osx on my macbook (where I’ld prefer to work) since the homebrewed Synfig crashes emediatly after it has loaded, as reported in another thread.

Tablet settings are stored in a fille called ‘settings’ at the User’s Synfig folder. Please notice if there is any difference of that file between sessions. If something is stored about input devices it is there. Please compare a copy of it before and after detect the input devices and after leave Synfig Studio.


pc version:
the settings file does seem to be saved as it’s supposed to but it doesn’t seem like Synfig reads it… Synfig always starts up on “screen” whether I save it like that or not, and when checking the file it clearly says whatever I saved as “mode”.
when manually changing from screen to something else and back again, after opening Synfig, it works.

There is some clue to try to fix the issue.

sorry, I don’t understand… You mean this is the clue?.. if it is, I don’t know what to make out of it other than Synfig won’t read the settings file since I have to change them back every time I open the program.