Pen Tablet problems

I brough a Vistablet Pen Pad especially to use with synfig. I finally got it working using advise on this forum but there is a problem. When I use it in the pencil draw mode the cursor is off set from where the actual drawing take place down and to the left here is a screen shot of what I mean Well the cursor did not come thru in that screen shot. But basically if I draw in the center of the canvas with the pencil tool the lines appear off screen at that top of the canvas. I have to scroll the canvas to see the lines that are being drawn. Does anyone know how to correct this?

Have you set the stylus to Screen mode or to Window Mode?
Does the tablet work fine with Gimp?

The tablet works perfectly with both Gimp and Inkscape. I think that I set it to window mode I will have to go back and review the thread on here that showed me how to actually get it working. Brb.