PDF tutorials and documentation

Hello Synfig Community.

This is the second time i write this post, because the first time the moderators must have deleted it (I’m a new user, so probably they thought it was spam :unamused: ). But whatever, they are just doing their job…

I have transformed the entire wiki of Synfig (or most of it) into a PDF file, and it’s available for downloading here:

To download you have to click in the picture of the book, or the name “Synfig User’s Manual”, or the link that says “Libgen”, and on the page that appears, one more click on the link that says “Download”.

I’m just a fan of Synfig that wanted to help, so I hope this time this post gets published…

Hello JokingReaper welcome and thank’s for your work… (a clickable summary would have been awesome :unamused: )

Nota for other users : I have checked the file (with virustotal.com/) … " Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use. "

We will host it on the wiki website soon.