Patzers in a Skittles Room

I didn’t make this entirely in SynFig (also used Lightworks and Audacity) but here’s a completed, 5-minute, humorous animation!

Why no talking animals? You don’t like furries? ;D

Animation is nice, simple and funny (especially that yellow notes) , sound effects very good. I found a little mistake, in 44 second a hat of person in red shirt goes behind the wall. I also think it would be better when everything wouldn’t be so angular.


I actually did almost all of the sound effects with my mouth and Audacity :slight_smile:

Ironically, that’s not quite what happened at 44 seconds. I noticed it right before I uploaded it, but I figured it didn’t really matter and I didn’t want to spend another day just re-rendering. For some reason, I can’t get the text tool to work unless there is a warp layer on top (otherwise it just blurs). So I make a warp layer with no distortion, just to force the text layer to render properly. I didn’t make my warp layer high enough, and the hat pops out for just a bit.

Thanks for the feedback! The talking animals thing was an inside joke, but it will reoccur in future episodes :slight_smile: