Paste Canvas waypoints

I’m using Paste Canvas for character expressions, but despite right-clicking and saying “Add Waypoints” I still don’t see them. However, the changes I want still seem to be applied.

Is this a bug?

By default, canvas parameter only shows the sub-layer’s sums of waypoints and not its own waypoints. To show its own waypoints you have to enable a environment variable before start using Synfig Studio:


I hope it helps

Er… I don’t know how to do that (where do you apply the code?)

The Wiki page you pointed me to says that the module/script is experimental. Does that mean it’ll be default and stable in the next version? :smiley:

The code is directly applied on a terminal (command line prompt), before run synfigstudio.
Maybe in the future can be set as an user choose option meanwhile synfigstudio is running.