That’s not a tutorial to explain how to create a particle layer. It is to explain how to use the current particle template layer I’ve released.

Feed back is appreciated to improve the usage explanations.

Linky no worky! :open_mouth:

I’ve noticed this with the current release for the (F1) Help pages too. DNS seems to be translating to the same IP so it might be a translation problem on the Server since replacing “” with “” as the addy often solves the problem, as does adding a trailing slash to force the browser to request the Default Page.

It’s probably just the redesign work on the site ATM, but I thought it was worth noting since the site devs night not see this behaviour if “working locally” and so believe all the links are fine externally :wink:.

(PS, i’d have PM’d but couldn’t find the link on your profile G!

The link was modified by the new website location. Now is updated.