particle snow and rain layer


I needed some rain and snow in a project and decided to share the results. You can add the effects to a scene by using the plug-in, but beware that you can only have one particle layer at a time (at least for now, or use the script that Svarov wrote). If you want snow and rain at the same time then you have to render one effect with a transparent bg, delete it from your scene, and then add the second effect to your scene and compose them in an editing program.

edit:playing with particle smoke layer.
smoke.gif (8.79 KB) (9.02 KB)

Particle effects (request)

nice … thank’s to share your projects…

if you some have time to share your knowledge in a particle template’s wiki section like “Tweak the particle” …


I will try to get some wiki time during the weekend. :slight_smile: