Parameter controls for doing easily repeatable pseudo 3d movement like Live2D?

I have been researching different programs that are open source to do 2d animation, and synfig seems the closest at doing what I am trying to do. However before I spend a lot of time fiddling I figured I would ask to see if people can tell me if it is even currently possible.

I am wanting to do a Live2D-esque set of parameters for handling motion/deformation/asset swaps this would allow me to create a 3Dish rotation effect. Then I could animate a lot easier without have to use separate assets and remake keyframes. A nice example showing all of the Live2D controls is here:

In my research I saw that synfig has custom controls which look like it can be configured to handle different stuff when rotated. based on how this video describes it:

The closest After Effects tutorial that uses something similar to this, and does the head rotation kind of like I am wanting is here:

That guy also has some other effects styles he does with a modification of that plugin he describes here:

Overall though, was wondering if the After Effects or the Live2D style parameters is possible in Synfig? It would help in animating greatly, without having to key frame every motion over and over again. I could just move the parameter and set a keyframe in seconds. It would require a lot more initial setup, but would be faster for animating. If this is possible in synfig, is there an easy tutorial or video showing how to do it? I ask because currently I have not found any that do this kind of effect. Lastly, if it is not possible currently, could it be a future potential?