Paper Doll Project

Hi everyone!

I’ve made this file which is a general customizable cutout character, free to all, plus what I call a “control box” which allows easier animation of the character.

I’ll post the video here.

I’d like people to use this file to make cool characters and input into making newer versions.

Have a look…
Paperdoll ver 1.sifz (18.3 KB)

Instead of copying rotations into your controlbox you could use the group feature and group the desired controls.

Also any chance you could do your screencasts in better resolution in the future? It’s a bit hard to see whats going on when you can’t read text or distinguish different icons.

Anyway, thank you!

Sorry, I thought I already posted asking an admin to delete this topic. If you could be so kind as to delete this thread.

Any reason to delete it?

The video is useless. I didn’t know how to use groups so I wasted a bunch of time on a project no one could possibly care about.

If you delete this I’ll post again in a while with a better video only about the “paper doll”, not the control part.

No, no. Not useless. Your technique is also useful. For instance you can’t move the controls around with grouping, in your example you can have all your controls collected below the character.
So I think your video is very informative. Only objection is the quality, but I don’t think you’d need to remove it based on that.

Very well then. People seem to like that video, so I’ll leave it. :slight_smile:

The quality of that video took a dump when I uploaded it. I don’t know why for sure, but I bet it has to do with me using the “capture region” with my recorder rather than the whole screen. It went through some bad math at some point. :confused:

I don’t like the video. No amazing and interested items there…
Delete this video…

Not very kind your first post but well, welcome to the forums.

I think this is a spambot that analyzed the contents of this page with its AI and created a post based on the things it took as relevant.

Yes, looks like that, but since the IP is clean and doesn’t have external links I won’t ban him. Anyway I don’t hesitate to remove all the posts and the account at the first sign of spamming. :wink:

I like the idea of the control box!

I used the idea of the controlbox in my switchlayer-/cutout-animationtemplate so you did not waste any time on it. :slight_smile: