Papagayo and sif files possible?

Hey guys,

I do a lot of lip synching with papagayo, and the only tutorials that I found show them using png files that are uploaded from a folder with the lst file. My question pertains to using sif files instead of png. When I use png they are not the right proportion (even if they come from the same original file) and I have to manually resize the mouths each time and I get problems with pixels showing when I zoom in too close. I tried changing the png format for sif but it doesn’t work that simply. Is there a workaround to get sif mouths using a papagayo lst file?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Only coding it. I vote for that enhancement.
Please file up an issue on our tracker.

I too would vote for that enhancement. Also one where the Papagayo file could be linked to call key frames. :smiley:
My trick for mouth .png files is to save a character’s head as it’s own file ( I use Gimp ), then make the mouth shapes on their own transparent layers in that head file, and then export each mouth layer ( size and transparency intact, with the rest of the head hidden ) as it’s own phoneme .png. Then when I load the .lst file into the animation I make sure to group it with the head .png so the mouths show up at the right size, and in the right spot. As far as pixilation goes, I’ve had trouble with that myself, but it just takes planning to make sure you have a high enough resolution for your images for all of your animation needs.

I do something similar. I create everything in Inkscape and export the characters (head and all) as a .sif file and the mouths as png files. The problem is they lose their proportional size and I’m forced to resize the group of mouths (the lst object in Synfig) to fit the head. And its sometimes hard to do because the green dot is often offscreen when I zoom in to correct the placing. I can’t seem to figure out a satisfying way to do this right now.