PAL Image Span for Inkscape SVG import

I usually work on animations for television. If I want to work on a PAL-sized animation (768 x 576) I need to change the Image Span to 16 so that imported artwork from Inkscape comes in at the correct size.

I haven’t got a clue why! :laughing:

I recommend to create the documents at Inkscape with the final size (choose the document dimensions in pixels and the same size than the final output). Then at Synfig start your document with the same final dimension. When importing from Inkscape to Synfig it will scale fine. I remember that Inkscape has the origin (0,0) on the bottom left of the document meanwhile Synfig has it on the center of the canvas. Apart of this the document must be well scaled.

I created a document in Inkscape at 768 x 576 - changed my document size in Synfig Studio to 768 x 576, and then tried importing the Inkscape SVG file into Synfig Studio. But the imported Inkscape document was too large.

It wasn’t until I changed the image span value to 16 that the document imported into Synfig Studio at the right size.

Everything is working fine now - I just don’t understand why 16 (a value I found by trial and error) works!

That’s because the dpi are not the same in both applications. try to use a real dimension (mm) in both to make it independent of the dpi value and see what happens. (I’ve not tested it)

No, it turned out it’s actually not the dpi that caused problems but the new aspect ratio.

The default Image Size in Pixels of a new Synfig animation = 480 x 270 pixels
The default Image Area of a Synfig animation: width = 8, height = 4.5
The image span = sqrt (width2 + height2) = 9.1788 so everything is OK.

However, when you change the width and height to 768 x 576 the image span does not change, so it is incorrect for the new aspect ratio of the drawing.

Changing the image span to 16 immediately updates the image area so that they agree properly and imported images come in at the right size.

I’m sorry I haven’t explained it very well, but I sort of understand it now!

Well said! :wink:

Genete - does this mean we need to change the span when we set up the image resolution pre-sets?

I don’t know. The links between the resolutions, sizes and spans has been always a mystery to me. Probably it would work as expected if the locks and links were properly defined.