Package for ubuntu hardy 32 bits

I few weeks ago, my team of Pontão de Cultura Digital build Synfig 0.61.08 for ubuntu 8.04 32 bits
the package can be found here:

Hey, thanks!

Man, do I love the open source community!


Still no movement on the backport request:

You might want to contact Ubuntu to find out how to get someone to do it.

synfig 0.61.9 for hardy32. Should also work with intrepid.

unpack, install libsynfig0 first, then libsynfigapp, synfig and synfigstudio

Can you get those uploaded to Ubuntu??

hello pabs,

I created these packages for my own distribution, openArtist (see It´s based on Hardy, and synfig is already included. I am soon getting a repository up and running, where I put my handcrafted packages, so that other ubuntu users can use them. The synfig package will be there. This package is converted from a slackware .tgz package, but repacked by hand to match the dependencies. As I did not use the debian tools to build it, I doubt it would be added to standard ubuntu repos. but it works, nevertheless.

try my distro. I need feedback :wink:

greets, cellstorm

Your distro looks cool!. Synfig should be added to the mind map though!
Any live CD link?

hi, thanks.

Synfig is there. I´ve put it into the vid category, as all other 2d animation tools. They all have to do somehing with moving things, haven´t they? Is that not so obvious than I thought it would be?

As for the livecd link: Don´t you see that download button on the start page? There you can get your copy.

have fun.

i keep getting this error, im on hardy 32

This copy of Synfig Studio was compiled against a
different version of libsynfig than what is currently
installed. Synfig Studio will now abort. Try downloading
the latest version from the Synfig website at

please heeeeeeeeeelp ;D;DD;D;

I updated the packages. Downolad again and retry.