overlap and detached problem

hi : im newbie of this software and i try to do simple animations followings the tutorials online , but i reach ever the same problem :
overlap betwens pictures !

look this pictures that i take from tutorial : when man It moves forward its back is stretched perfectly and there isnt no hole or white space , so the animation after look perfect :

instead when i try with my picture the body’s part are detached : i do the followings steps

  1. import head and body
  2. group each of them
  3. create skeleton with 2 bones where the parent is on body and the child is on head
  4. link parent bone with body and child body with head

when i try to move one bone , for example head, there is rotation but that part is detached from body or overlap body ;
can someone help? thanks

Hello there !!

I just checked some tutorials on wiki and found out there are actually two types of bones in Synfig. :astonished:

The first one is normal bone layer. It does what normal bones in other animation software did, just a bit different. It’s mostly for drawings on synfig studio itself
wiki link : wiki.synfig.org/Skeleton_Layer

The second one is skeleton deformation layer. This one is much different. It does both bones functions and image distortions as well, making it most recommended for imported images (such as .jpg, .png, etc.) and cutout animations.
wiki link : wiki.synfig.org/Skeleton_Deformation_Layer

plus, you can find the how-to from both tutorial pages as well :wink: .

So, assuming you didn’t state that you are using the skeleton deformation layer (and using normal skeleton layer instead) you can find it from right click on canvas, then “layer”, “new layer” (or any other way to open “new layer” option) > “Distortions” > “Skeleton Deformation”

But if you did use the Skeleton Deformation layer and still getting the errors, the Skeleton Deformation Layer wiki page have a tutorial video linked in it. You might want to check it out (look up) :slight_smile:

Also, you probably shouldn’t separate each body parts in its respective group. Instead put them together in one group and add Skeleton Deformation Layer on top of them, inside the group (it works as well as outside the group).