Opengl Rendering

Hello everyone,

I am new to Synfig and have been exploring the available GSOC project ideas. I am particularly interested in the Performance Optimization project. While going through the documentation and the code, I noticed that there are two renderers available in Synfig, namely software and OpenGL.

However, it seems that the OpenGL renderer is currently broken, which raises the question of whether the priority should be to fix it or to optimize the software renderer. I am interested in both aspects and would like to hear your thoughts on which one should be given more priority.

Looking forward to your valuable insights.

Opengl hardware acceleration is a dream for many in Synfig community.

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Implementing(Fixing) OpenGL would be a great add to Synfig Studio.
Not trivial, though. You need to understand some synfig renderer engine internals not well documented. The overview is here: Code structure — Synfig developers docs documentation.

The critical stuff is probably something about surface or blending methods.

Yeah I am going through the code rn. Do you think documenting the whole process in more detail could be a part of my GSOC project?
I will look into OpenGL code as well and see if I can include it in my GSOC project.

If you are coding and documenting related stuff yes.
But, according to GSoC rules and answers by Google employees in the GSoC ML, just documenting can’t be a project on this program.

Yes, just documenting wont be the project alone. I will be coding and documenting both.