OpenGL playfield


Work machine: NVIDIA GPU GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS (G72)
glewinfo.txt (113 KB)
glxinfo.txt (10.5 KB)


Home machine: ATI Radeon Mobility 9600/9700 (M10/M11) NP (AGP)
glewinfo.txt (139 KB)
glxinfo.txt (5.42 KB)


Thanks to you all! I’ve been reviewed all your info, and it has been quite useful.

Some of you are using Mesa drivers in your cards. I don’t know the performance using that drivers, but we’ll have to try, isn’t it?

I have a NVidia Geforce 7200 GS, so anything equal or greater it’s going to work (cards from ~2006 and newer), but I’m planning to do some changes to make some older cards work too.

Thanks again, and please keep them coming!


My workstation, on XP (I’ve a dual-boot XP/Ubuntu Intrepid, should I post also a test on Ubuntu ?)
glewinfo.txt (141 KB)


Animtim: Please post your Ubuntu info if you want, so I’ll have more complete results :slight_smile:.



So here are Ubuntu results:
glewinfo.txt (114 KB)
glxinfo.txt (21.2 KB)


BTW, did you see doc/hw-gfx-mapping.txt in synfig? Looks like it is a description of how synfig might be accellerated using GPU shaders or stuff like OpenCL.


I hadn’t seen it, so thanks. I’ve read the document, and basically it’s the same technique I’m using (shaders on OpenGL). Some of the things can’t be done that way, of course, or are outdated, but it’s helpful anyway. :slight_smile:


Is this project still in the works? Abandoned? Or is someone else working on it?


No one is working on it at the moment. It can be called stopped not abandoned becasue I think it is a priority for Synfig. Unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge/time to continue on it. Uiomae hasn’t got free time now after he got a new real job so it is open for anyone to continue it or recylce the path started. Also it is only useful if the person who works on it has access to a good GPU to test the opengl capabilities.



A couple of months ago, I merged the head of the trunk with the opengl branch to a seperate branch. Since the two codebases have diverted (the directory structure has changed), this was quite a hassle. Keeping the opengl branch up-to-date with the trunk remains difficult however, and will unfortunately become more difficult in the future.



I’m trying to bring OpenGL rendering back to life and continue its development.
I didn’t know anything about OpenGL 1 week ago and I’m very busy with university so don’t expect too much by the moment.

I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 on my Gentoo laptop.
My own glxinfo and glewinfo:
glewinfo.txt (139 KB)
glxinfo.txt (18.2 KB)


Here are my glxinfo and glewinfo from the laptop:
glxinfo.txt (15.2 KB)
glewinfo.txt (114 KB)