Open/Save dialog

It would be nice if when you use the open/save dialog windows Synfig were to recognize shortcuts as links to file locations and navigate accordingly.

I use shortcuts on my desktop to link to work project folders under my jobs directory and then delete the shortcuts when complete.

But apparently Synfig does not recognize shortcuts?

Hi @TBrown66! Just to clarify - are you referring to shortcuts on Windows platform?

Yes, I am referring to Windows, Windows 10 actually.

Thank you

Terry Brown

You can’t use .lnk shortcuts with Synfig nor any GTK software (like GIMP) under Windows.

Nor use of SUBST’ed drives, nor with favourite pinned places.

But you can create a junction that you will find after among the folders on your desktop (or any accessible place).

Just open a console (cmd) and create your junction:

mklink /d C:\Users\USER_NAME\Desktop\Your_Linked_Folder c:\path\to\the\original\folder

When you will have finished, simply drag the link to Recycle Bin
Only the junction will be deleted, the content of the original folder is preserved :wink:

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