Open Call: Shot 54 Overpaint

This is my open call for help with drawing. I have six keyframes of Ivan for shot number 54 (see storyboard - … emo-en.pdf). I’m not quite satisfied with them. Can someone help me to fix them?

Here’s rendered draft of the shot:

Here’s keyframes I need to redraw: … 4/original … 5/original … 6/original … 7/original … 9/original … 0/original

On the images below I have marked the issues I would like to have fixed:

[1] - hand
[2] - cloth: t-shirt
[3] - cloth: jacket
[4] - face
[5] - cloth: wrinkles at the elbow
[6] - hand
[7] - fist
[8],[9],[10] - cloth: jacket
[11] - hands
[12] - cloth: jacket

Though, other corrections are welcome. :slight_smile:

Concept images of Ivan for reference: … van_21.jpg … mo02-6.jpg … o06-12.jpg … 9-6-01.jpg … o27-01.jpg … o45-02.jpg … 9-3-23.jpg

Thank you!

P.S. Mention in the credits guaranteed.

It is supossed that Ivan is sitting back in Morevna’s Bike, right?
Then the jacket details are not so important because they would be involved in a very quick switch movement beween one pose to other. I would concentrate on the face when he is looking to the camera and to the hands when he is facing back the camera. Think globally!
If I would have both features available (time and drawing ability) I would be so pleased on give a hand :wink:

Right, that’s a top priority. But having good cloth is would be nice too. :slight_smile:

Here’s what we’ve got so far on #4 and #7:

This shot actually ended up as one of my favourites in the demo - there’s real emotion this shot and it came over really well.