'Op3nCare' icon-based animations

A couple of months ago I made a bunch of little animations to be used by the Op3nCare project, looking at grassroots, p2p and open source approaches to healthcare, elderly care, childcare and community support.

The animation source files can be found on Gitlab.

Good job, nice animations

Great! I like them all. :astonished:

Elegant, simple and rhythmic !

Thanks for your encouragement, I’m glad you like them.
I’m switching to animation more-or-less full-time now (previous focus was documentary), so I’ve been reading up on the theory a bit, like the links that Genete shared (animation article database and external resources thread) and asking for help here when I get stuck. I think I’m getting there, slowly!

REally love your work!..fantastic, very elegant!..keep it up!

media.giphy.com/media/3o72FcVyg … /giphy.gif

Nice! I love the rain one.