Onion skin on transparent object disappear...but

When applying onion skin with objects and transparency or with fusion mode, the object of onion skin disappear.

Could be great to still have the onion skin information even for this case.
Idea : add a minimal gamma value test for onion skins ? (but this should/must be optional also)

sif example TransparentWithOnion.sifz (823 Bytes)



I can’t open the file now. Does it happen with Cairo only? It looks like a bug to me.

Nop… both rendering method…

Synfig Render

Cairo Render

For me it’s not really a bug, cause i’ts revelant of the state of the animation , ie at this keyframe, the object will be less visible…

It’s why i propose to keep that functionality and add an option to, if you want, always keep a minimal information of the onion scene : can be dotted/blinking outline, minimal ‘gamma’, flashy color, mix of all that…and even a better idea…

ExtraBonus : you can note a little difference of interpretation of the radial gradiant between both rendering method.


I’m aware of that :slight_smile:

I’ve not opened the example file (I can’t at the moment) but if you think it is an enhancement please file it up in the tracker.