Onion skin in synfig

Why onion skin was made frame by frame based when it was perfectly fine as a keyframe by keyframe based in earlier versions of synfig?
Synfig is basically a software that automates the creation of inbetweens between the keyframes. I don’t see the purpose of having a frame by frame based onion skin feature at all.
I wonder if anyone uses it in the first place anymore.
Though having frame by frame as well as keyframe by keyframe onion skinning as options could be just perfect.


I totally agree, and I sincerely doubt anybody actually needs frame-based onion. This was discussed before, but Im not sure why not implemented?
I wish keframe-based onion was implemented QUICKLY (it is probably easy to change it from frame-based), and the double-option was left for the future as it requires much more coding.

Hello, a cordial greeting to all.
I think frame-by-frame onion skin is necessary, especially in imported image sequences and to reference non-key frames. I do use this function and I think it would be a mistake to remove it.

Well, in current implementation, you can have both. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.