Odd playback behavior in 0.63.03-RCx

Still, a time loop layer and time offset parameter related issue.

The animation is made in version 0.63.02, and it results what I want. But when I open and play/preview/render this sif file in 0.63.03-RC1 / RC2, I get an odd animation, the chevron of the clapper board behaves in an unexpected way. please take a look at the attached movies for detail, and the source files are enclosed as well.

render_states_motion_mockup_mp4.zip (248 KB)
render_states_motion_mockup_sif.zip (15.6 KB)

I’ll take a look when I have time but I want to point that there were a Time Loop patch to fix a bug related to integer to floating point conversion during time calculations. It can be related.