October '10 - Particle challenge

As suggested by HI3N-H3N, Use particles to make “flames, rains, snow, mist, grass, smoke, numbs, crazy effects, fishes, bees, mosquitoes and so on”

See synfig.org/wiki/Particles_V2.0 if you want a head start, or you can just manually use the duplicate layer.

Have fun!

Ah!, it’s ready, my first contribution for this challenge, i even linked the emitter to the big star!!! =D

Here you have the source for check it out!
Particle-template-v2.3.sifz (9.48 KB)

BTW, is possible to loop particles? it’s hard make a gif with less frames if particles suddenly change it’s position as these don’t loop with Loop Layer for example

Nice one HI3N.H3N!

D’oh! It didn’t register that it was October this month, so -

[size=200]Extra points if you can work a Halloween theme into the challenge![/size]

@H13N.H3N: Muy bueno.
I think you love particles a lot… :wink: