Now that 0.62.01 is out... we need to spread the word...


People please help to fill the “Spread The Word” section at the end of the Release chapter in the Documentation.

Then we need people that will translate the PR and send them out, EVERYONE is asked to bring in more adresses of magazines, blogs, download pages, onlien user groups and magazines etc. If you like to translate and send out… leave a message here or in the wiki.

If you do not like to do that in the wiki directly, just add the information here. I’ll take care of moving the information to the wiki.

Congratulations, Synfig team! thanks for your hard work.

just downloaded, installed and testing, the startup speed is impressed me a lot (faster than before).

I will take the task to translate it into Chinese and try to spread it in chinese world.

Thx, jcome

-Website PR published.
-Download links updated.
-Forums announcement post done.
-Sourceforge News done.
-Freshmeat updated.
-IRC channel topic changed. updated. updated.

More to come…

Genete, boy, you must have been very busy the last couple of days… :wink:
take care!

I suggest these addresses :
Le site du zéro :

Ubuntu-fr : (fr) :

blog :

Thank you for your posting.
For press releases we need email addresses to send them to… can you add the email addresses?
Or someone must go to the websites and edit the text directly, but then it should be mentioned there…

Release posted here: